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A Grace Filled Journey towards Novitiate

Provincia Filippine - Australia - Saipan - Taiwan

Inserita il: 06/07/2020

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“Study the life of the Good Shepherd,
Get to know him, to imitate him.
‘Always look to Jesus the Good Shepherd and live as he lived.’ 
This must be a constant thought in your life.”
(AS Alberione)

We praise the Lord for the many graces we received on our journey. Now we are ready to encounter and to know more deeply Jesus Good Shepherd as we strain forward to a new beginning during this Canonical Year stage of our formation.
Our journey to the Novitiate started on the 19th June 2020, as we began our Spiritual Exercises at the Provincialate Community (Philippines), and we ended on the 26th, feeling secured by the love of God to each one of us. We were accompanied by Sr. Purisima Tañedo, to whom we are grateful for her availability and enthusiasm for guiding us on our spiritual journey. During these days, we were able to discern and know ourselves more and discovered how God called us by name despite our realities. We have demolished the old house of our being and able to construct the new house with creativity, as we discovered our greatest Sense and Foundation in life through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Then, on 28th June 2020, on the Eve of the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, with a joyful heart, we were officially accepted to the Novitiate by the Provincial Superior, Sr. Arsenia G. Estrada and then we were entrusted to our Novice Mistress Sr. Doris M. Arcon. Some sisters and the future aspirants and the future Postulant were also present for the occasion. 
It was truly a special and graceful moment for us in which we confirm and reconfirm once again the love of God for us. Our journey might be a mixture of light and darkness, but through God’s grace and constant love, care, support and prayers by our loved ones and the Pastorelle Sisters, we arrived at this particular moment of our lives. Hence, our hearts are filled with gratitude and trust as we desire to follow Jesus the Good Shepherd, with openness and willingness of heart and to fully live this stage of formation, which will be the pillar that will sustain us in our whole lives.  
May we continue to be open to the works of the Holy Spirit, with your prayers and support, through the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd, our patron saints Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, our Founder Blessed James Alberione. 
With Love and Thanksgiving,


Novices Naema, Leini, and Julie

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Sr Mary (Australia)

18/07/2020 | 12:03

We are grateful to Jesus Good Shepherd for calling you, Naema, Leini, and Julie to our Congregation. Our best wishes and prayer for each one of you.

Sr. Estelita (Australia)

13/07/2020 | 13:54

How inspiring to see your smiles Naema, Julie and Leini, the same happy faces when I met you personally during my holiday there. Happy continuation of your journey in the Pastorelle charism, may you always find inspiration from the Lord in giving your daily yes. I pray for you, also praying for the aspirants and postulants that I am happy to meet one day.Welcome to our family, the Pastorelle.

Nora Herrera

12/07/2020 | 21:55

Ringraziamo il Signore per la vostra disponibilitá, Naema, Leini e Julie. Lo Spirito Santo guide il vostro cammino e vi enamore sempre piú di Gesú Buon Pastore. Un abbraccio de la Comunitá del Noviziato di Bogotá.

pastorelle sister

07/07/2020 | 11:43

Congratulations to the new novices! im happy for u my former batchmate ate naema and ate julie! im praying for both us for in ur perseverance and i want to congratulate to u leini as a novice now with my former batchmate in aspirancy! we love you guys!

sr. Brenda Balingasa

07/07/2020 | 11:05

Congratulations to you, our new novices! Well done! I am very proud of you. Continue joyfully your journey and always look at Jesus Good Shepherd, listen to His voice,model your life to Him and follow His ways. I accompany you with my prayers.


06/07/2020 | 15:54

Auguri carissime Novizie! Buon cammino, accompagno con la preghiera. Un grande abbraccio, Suor Giulietta Ciacchini. Comunita' Generalizia.

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