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An Experience of the Noviciate

Provincia Filippine - Australia - Saipan - Taiwan

Inserita il: 13/06/2017

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“My soul proclaims the GREATNESS of the LORD;
my spirit REJOICES in GOD my savior.” (Lk. 1: 46 – 47)
These very words of our Mother in her magnificat inspired me to go on in my journey and to see continually the hands of God working in my life amidst difficulties and tribulations. In my Canonical year, I consider it as a JOURNEY of my LOVE and FAITH to GOD who is merciful and forgiving. A year of THANKSGIVING – because all throughout my journey: EVERYTHING is a BLESSING and a GIFT FROM GOD. It was a year of painful and joyful processes of my whole “BEING”. I was detached from outside world but still one and united in prayer for the salvation of the whole humanity. I was taught to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Good Shepherd. And it was not an easy journey for I have experienced a lot of pruning, struggles and difficulties. However, I felt so blest because I was not alone for I have Jesus journeying with me. He never stop trusting and believing in me despite of my imperfections. 
Part of my formation is knowing more about myself and I was so grateful, because the more I know myself the more I know God. However, knowing oneself takes courage, patience and acceptance for it is not just only knowing about what I like or dislike, what I want or not, and what I need or not. Rather, it has something to do with my commitment in following Jesus Christ who is chaste, poor and obedient. It is about self – emptying, sharing of what I have received, the gratitude of being loved by God and the freedom to follow God’s plan without hesitation. I was guided by these questions: Am I willing to give my life freely so that others may live? Is my presence bring joy to others life? For in life I had learned that it is not important about DOING great things but I realized that what matters most is about the “BEING” – recognizing my own giftedness and brokenness and trying my best to be a faithful and a joyful Pastorella.
The Canonical year is a year intensive for PRAYER and STUDIES – a year of deepening my personal relationship with Jesus Good Shepherd feeling His love and seeing Him in all the situations and events happened in my journey. It is a year of learning and deepening my knowledge. Throughout my journey, I have learned also to entrust everything to the Divine Providence. And this year it would not be a year of thanksgiving and praise without my experienced of pain, sorrows, emptiness, dryness, fears, struggles, joys and happiness. For through it I have learned to go beyond my own woundedness and limitations that leads me to accept the giftedness and shortcomings of others. It is all because of Jesus Good Shepherd who guided me, who nourished me and accompanied me all throughout my journey. And through the prayers and loving presence of all the “Pastorelle Sisters” who accepted me, helped me and inspired me to see my experiences in the eyes of FAITH. “Blessed be the name of the LORD!”      
“Every beginning has its end.” On June 1, 2017 – marked the end of my Canonical year and the beginning of my 6 months exposure in the Parish. It was a day of thanksgiving so memorable and meaningful for me because it falls on my 31st Birthday and it was also the day of my commissioning to the Apostolic Community in Alaminos. It was just a simple rite of commissioning at the Novitiate chapel after the common morning praise attended by the Sisters. It was a solemn and meaningful rite that touched my mind, heart and soul as I continue to embrace the life of Jesus Good Shepherd. May I always be generous in my commitment and may the love of Christ grow in my heart and in the lives of those I shepherd. May my presence be a sign of God’s abiding love and faithfulness. May I always be a happy and a joyful instrument of God’s mercy and forgiveness wherever I am. Indeed I believe of what St. Paul says: “EVERYTHING IS GRACE.”  


Novice Sheila Mae Estremos

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Sr. Estelita(Australia)

20/06/2017 | 05:15

Congratulations Sheila, May you continue to be inspired in giving your Yes to the One who called you,in big events and small ones too, in good times and in challenging times. We are happy to embrace you in the Pastorelle community. I assure you of my prayers, Sister Estelita

Sr. Lily Ann C. Santos

19/06/2017 | 11:02

We, your Sisters from Lingayen Community, are in communion with you with our prayerful support to whatever lies ahead in the Hearts of our Good Shepherd, Jesus, and Mama Mary. All the best!

Sr. Ignacia

17/06/2017 | 02:24

Thank you Shiela for your shared reflection-reflection of your life's journey! It's edifying! May you continue to believe in God's Grace which makes you more loving and faithful. Praying for you.

sr Rita

14/06/2017 | 15:15

Thank you Sheila and community for sharing this good news and joyfilled experience which invites us to praise, gratitude and trust in He who is our Good Shepherd.

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