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General Assembly

Delegazione Corea

Inserita il: 15/01/2012

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Korean Delegation
Post-Capitular Assembly
January 9 – 12, 2012
Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd
To prepare ourselves to enter more deeply into the spirit of the 8th GC, we started with a day of recollection.
1st Day
Sr. Teresa An (delegate superior)
Welcome and greetings.
A Day of recollection
Theme: We live the compassion of Jesus Good Shepherd who lays down His life.     
Facilitator: Fr. O Seil Daegon Andrea, SJ
The facilitator gave emphasis to the “COMPASSION OF JESUS” in relation to the social reality especially in Korea. Materials for deepening the experience of prayer.
Sharing of reflections during the Mass (homily)
Recreation facilitated by Sr. Mariana and Sr. Rita
2nd Day
Opening of the Delegation Assembly by Sr. Teresa An; she read the message of the General Superior, Sr. Marta Finotelli.
Kirum Dong Community  by Sr. Brigida
Nokbeon Dong Community by Sr. Rita
Mubong Community by Sr. Bernadetta
Punggi Community by Sr. Juliana
International Parish in Hannam dong
by Sr. Sue
Kasan Migrant Workers Center by Sr. Lucia
Solmuro Multicultural Family Center
by Sr. Juliana
Good Shepherd Kindergarten School
by Sr. Stephania
Ecumenism/Church Unification by Sr. Cecilia
Spiritual Academy for Parish Ministry
by Sr. Marina
Vocation Ministry by Sr. Rufina
Sharing of Missionary Experience in Saipan
by Sr. Teresa Han
Homepage Responsible by Sr. Clar
Preparation for Perpetual Profession in Italy
by Sr. Teresa Kim
Echo Lecture by Sr. Cristina
Theme: Paradigm Shift in Religious Life
3rd DAY
Programmation for 6 years
Community Prayer
Mass celebrant: Rev. Fr. Dominico(Chunchon Diocese’s Migrants Apostolate Director)
Small Group Sharing
At the end of the 1st day, was personal reflection of the 8th General Chapter materials. Each sistermade 2 proposals for each area of Style of Life, Mission, Formation and Government. This was followed by small group sharing. At the end, each group presented 3 proposals to the assembly.
Mother of Jesus Good Shepherd GroupGood Shepherd Group
St. Paul GroupSt. Peter Group
Presentation of each small group work to the assembly
4th Day (last day of assembly)
Delegate Superior, Sr. Teresa An, giving report and other news.
Mass Celebrant: Bishop Lee Han Tek Joseph
During the Mass, we expressed all our gratitude to Lord for all the blessing He has given us during the Assembly.
Official closing of the 2012 Post-Capitular Assembly by Sr. Teresa An.


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