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Mary: Companion to Jesus

Provincia Filippine - Australia - Saipan - Taiwan

Inserita il: 28/11/2012

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October is a month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary. Indeed, a special Marian month for the Jesus Good Shepherd Development Center in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The annual “Lakbay Maria” for this year was done with simplicity but filled with creativity and profundity. The theme Mary: Companion to Jesus was experienced and lived among the pupils, parents and teachers in the day to day transfer of the Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary from classroom to classroom and office to office. This was an occasion where the pupils and teacher worked together, making an improvised Altar for the Statue. The Statue stays for a day in a room and the pupils, teacher and sometime with some parents pray the Rosary. During the Christian Living Education class, the Marian Devotion, the different titles and apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary were discussed. The children were encouraged to bring a rosary everyday. Parents as well were encouraged to have time to pray the rosary as a family at home.
The culminating activity was done with the Flower Rosary and the opening of the Marian exhibit. The children rendered Marian songs to Mary. Prayers before and after viewing the exhibit were provided and some groups had their group sharing of their experience in the exhibit.
This activity challenges us to be more vigilant against the attacks to our faith, to be more humble and to be more repentant, to be more zealous and to be more loving.
True devotion to Mary leads us to the worship of God, to a deepening of our discipleship of her Son and to greater love of the Church.

Comunità di Lingayen

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Sr Rita

29/11/2012 | 08:43

What a wonderful creative manner to communicate to the children, staff and families knowledge of Mary and her role in God's plan of salvation and deepen a heart felt devotion to her. Congratulations!

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