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To make blessed James Alberione better known

Provincia Filippine - Australia - Saipan - Taiwan

Inserita il: 26/11/2012

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On Saturday 17 November 2012, the Pastorelle Sisters of Bundoora and Thomastown gathered together with Pauline Cooperators and Friends in St Damian’s Church, Bundoora, for the Eucharistic celebration to commemorate the 41st anniversary of death of blessed James Alberione which occurs on 26th November 2012.  Our Cooperators came from the different parishes around Melbourne where we work, mainly St Luke’s Lalor, St Joseph the Worker North Reservoir, St Matthew North Fawkner and St Paul’s Coburg.
The 5.30pm Mass is usually well attended and so we had the joy of celebrating the event with a large group of parishioners. The choir was led by members of the Couples for Christ Group and after Communion, there was a PowerPoint presentation prepared by Sr Doreen Bentley on the life of Bl James Alberione and the Pauline Family. After Mass we gathered in the parish hall for light refreshments kindly served by a group of kind parishioners.
This is the second year that we celebrate this feast in St Damian’s parish.  We are very grateful to our parish priest, Fr Vincent Le, for allowing us to realise our desire to make our Founder better known in the Church, and it is wonderful to experience already the growing interest in Alberione and his passion to give to the world Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, using the most modern means of social communications and promoting the complementarity of men and women in the proclamation of the Good News and the ministry of pastoral care.
We keep looking to him for inspiration, we trust in his blessing, and pray that through his intercession the Pauline Family may continue to grow in all parts of the world, that the Gospel may be proclaimed to all people of all nations.

Sr Mary La Bruna, sjbp

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