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Communion of Life

Provincia Filippine - Australia - Saipan - Taiwan

Inserita il: 22/11/2012

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On November 17  & 18, 2012 the Communities in the North of the Philippines namely San Fernando, La Union,  Alaminos and Lingayen had their fellowship gathering during the Visit of Sr. Brenda Balingasa Provincial Superior  held at Lingayen, Pangasinan. The two days encounters were filled with enriching sharing and dialogue of life, and the joy of just being with each other.
On the first day Sr. Brenda animated the sharing on the Rule of Life Articles 17, 18, 19, 20. It started with a Eucharistic Adoration. The creative power point presentation and the lively participation of the Sisters made the sessions life giving filled with examinations of self, reflections and dialogue of life. Ample times were dedicated for the community sharing, guide questions were provided. Each sister share her experiences and reflection on each article.
On the second day early in the morning we had the beach bonding in Alaminos. The place is so wonderful. We were able to witness the sun while rising. It was a lovely to behold we were filled with awe and wonder at the beauty and majesty of the sea, the sky and the earth that surrounded us. Truly we felt the Lord embracing us with the splendor of His creation.
We ended with heart filled with gratitude to the Lord for the grace He has given to us to live out our pastoral consecration in fraternal community for the service of mission.
Thank you too Sr.  Brenda for visiting us and staying with us.

The Sisters in the North

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Ma.Veronica Gungon

23/11/2012 | 00:13

I am happy to see you together before the Lord and one another. From the pictures, it was indeed a grace-filled moments for each one of you. God be with you!

Sr Rita

22/11/2012 | 19:19

It is a great joy to read of your experience and see those familiar faces. Thank you and good journeying with the Lord.

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